Friday, April 28, 2017

US Bank - Anti Money

US Bank
Anti-Money-Laundering Team

Interviews taking place May 15th & 16th

Need candidates ASAP 
Great opportunity to get your foot in the door with US Bank 
Starting out as a 6 mo contract

AML (Anti Money Laundering) Investigator - US Bank   $20/Hr
Responsible for fulfilling the Anti-Money-Laundering/Bank Secrecy Act requirements through identification and investigation of suspicious activity on behalf of U.S. Bank.
Specialist generally responsible for the preliminary investigation of system generated alerts associated with customer account transactions. Evaluates and analyzes the information uncovered during the preliminary investigation make a recommendation whether the alert warrants a full investigation.  Assist with the workflow, documentation and case management process.  

Job Functions
* Analyze customer account transactions to detect unusual activity and make decisions on appropriate action to take.
* Document and make recommendations that support a no case decision.  
* Work cooperatively with business line to establish procedures for identifying suspicious customer transactions, specific to money laundering, including the proper method for reporting such activity to the anti-money-laundering group.
* Provide guidance, support, and recommendations to business lines regarding customer AML risk ratings and account activity.
* Based on the outcome of the preliminary investigation, analyze and determine whether or not they alert warrants a further review that may result in a Suspicious Activity Report (SARs) filing.   
* Work cooperatively with U.S. Bank internal departments to obtain and analyze necessary information related to the investigation.
* Assist with departmental tracking and reporting and prepare investigation reports for management.
* Assist in implementation of AML/BSA detection and prevention methods, such as training and instruction manuals.
* Support any special projects or critical casework.
Actively participates in any required corporate and business line training in these areas. Follows account opening procedures and understands and follows internal suspicious activity referral requirements and processes, as required for this position. 

Interested individuals please contact
David Nafstad
650 Third Ave South | Suite #1400 | Minneapolis, MN 55402
t 612 259 0230 | d 612 259 0246 | c 763 229 9254

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