Monday, February 27, 2017

IT Jobs with State Of Minnisota - St Paul Area

Minnesota IT Services
For Employment with the Sate of Minnesota

Multiple Positions/Department, Saint Paul Area, MN

eGRC - Security Engineer - Level 4 - Job ID - 10966 Advanced Level, Part time, up to 2 years

Applying to our positions?
Here are some process tips:
1. When the posting you applied to disappears from our website, it does NOT mean the position has been filled!  We post our positions for a specific amount of time; when the posting comes down, it simply means we are no longer accepting new applicants.  The important work of candidate screening BEGINS when the posting is removed from our website.

2. Our "Minimum Qualifications" are not flexible. In order to be considered for any position at the State, your resume must clearly and explicitly (in the plainest possible language) demonstrate exactly how you meet the minimum qualifications. If you also possess the preferred qualifications, they too should be stated as plainly as possible.

3. NEVER use an experience-based resume to apply to the State of Minnesota. Your resume must be laid out chronologically so that we can compare candidates in the most equitable way. Experience-based resumes (lacking the timeline) do not allow for equitable comparison and will not be considered.

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