Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Western Digital Data Engineer Position, in MN or CA

Western Digital Rochester
Data Engineer

Location: Rochester, MN or San Jose, CA

Western Digital (WD) is a well known hard drive manufacturing company. At WD, we the Data Analytics Engineering team are responsible for ingesting, processing and analyzing terabytes of data everyday for our engineers to make our products better and to give 100% satisfaction to our customers. We are a relatively new team and our arsenal includes technologies like Hadoop, Hive, Redshift, Tableau, Spotfire etc. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals interested in big data technologies, machine learning, data analysis.

What we are looking for?
1. Individuals with good programming skills
2. Attitude for learning new things
3. Bonus points if you know Hive or Hadoop or Spark

Interested Parties Please Contact:
Viswanadh Vuggumudi <>.

Closing Date: End of March

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