Thursday, April 24, 2014

Henry Helgen Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Henry Helgen on his thesis defense!

Human Computer Collaboration
in Ranking Images

Henry Helgen 

Computer Science Graduate Student


The general class of problem is how software can rank images. Artificial intelligence is still at the point where expert judgment has to be painstakingly programmed. Software can measure accurately a limited number of known conditions.  But the software cannot match the subjective judgment of a human over potentially limitless conditions. The task still requires human expertise to interpret most images efficiently.  This project leverages the best abilities of human experts and computers to sort images. Humans provide expert judgment. Computers provide randomization, access speed, calculation, and storage.  This software system provides a researcher with an efficient, repeatable method of assigning a numeric rank to each image of a set. Researchers can use this numeric rank to perform statistical
analysis on the images.

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