Wednesday, August 19, 2015

UMD Student in NASA Program

Kirsi Kutti, UMD Computer Science & Electrical Engineering major advances real-world NASA projects. Here's the main story link:

Friday, June 5, 2015

UMD Med School - Student CS Employment

UMD Medical School
Student Work

The UMD Medical School is looking for student help in converting and updating a neuroanatomy learning application from Flash to HTML. Work could begin either this summer or fall. If interested, contact Dr. Alan Johns at

App Data Room - SW Engr

Software Engineer - App Data Room - Mpls
Software Engineer

App Data Room's engineering team thrives on solving today's business problems with amazing software. Join our growing team today. In a typical day, our developers build new product features, improve existing applications and fix problems identified by our global user­ base. From concept to testing to launch day and beyond, all of our engineers participate as active team players in order to meet deadlines and take our product to new levels.  We find it amazingly fulfilling to be building a product our customers love, and we are looking for the next great programmer to add to the team

Skills & Requirements
* Four year degree in computer science or have equivalent work experience.
* At least one year of experience with MVC Javascript frameworks.
* At least one year of experience with PHP MVC frameworks (Laravel, Kohana, Zend).
* You deploy bulletproof code.
* You want to be proud of what you do at your job.

About App Data Room.
App Data Room builds sales apps for companies large and small to display presentations, videos and sales materials on tablets and mobile phones. Our app helps marketing departments manage materials and monitor their use and follow up activities. We work primarily with companies in medical device, construction and pharma industries. If you're interested in coming to work with a dedicated and talented group of developers and employees in a fast moving industry, this is your chance to help shape our growing business at an important stage. Is App Data Room the right company for you?
* You'll be at a rapidly growing startup company with an unrelenting focus on making the best product possible for our customers.
* You'll challenge your coding skills while working with great developers and use the latest technologies.
* Your contributions will be a valued part of our collective success. The best ideas win.

To apply: Send email to

Android Developer Wanted - Superior, WI

Fasetto - Superior, WI
Android Developer

Fasetto, a Superior, WI, tech company is looking to hire a full time Android developer with strong experience in C# and ideally Xamarin. You can find more information about the company at their website,

Parnell Lutz
1401 Tower Ave
Suite 307
Superior, WI 54880

Tryon - Superior WI

TRYON Medai - Superior, WI
Programmer(s) Wanted

Local company Tryon Media is  in need of a programmer/or a group of programmers that can work with them locally - internship, full time temp employment and potential for full time hire afterwards, depending on the outcome of the projects.

Skills Desired:
- HTML5, XML,  Wordpress, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB
- Sphinx search engine towards MariaDB and MySQL, CSS/CSS(3)
- Javascript (maybe Java/J2EE in the future)
- Plain HTML/HTML5 and XML coding for small jobs/pages
- in a photo database environment with attached web front end
- production of micro websites for events (Cannes Film Festival, Oscars, Golden Globes, New York Fashion Week)
- production of photo galleries that can be implemented via XML in third party websites, especially third party mobile sites/responsive sites

involving some or all of the above technologies
For both Wordpress and HTML and XML jobs there will be design guidelines by our art direction. The websites/projects will be 100% ready designed and the designs have to be 100% implemented in their respective environments.

This is more a coding job than a web design job. We believe that coding and design/art direction are separate jobs. However, a skillful "coder" that hasn't yet decided what route to follow - pure coding or pure art direction/graphic design - will be able to influence the projects and potentially be assisted by the job in decision making.

We provide a very young and result driven environment with most colleagues being millennials. The company is growing and currently employs 11 full time staffers (Duluth), two freelance fashion liaisons in Italy and Germany, and four interns (Duluth.)

The location for the internship is at Tryon Media's downtown offices on 306 West Superior Street, #1000 Alworth Building

The internship is paid according to Minnesota State's / DEED's suggested guidelines for internships - $12.69/hour.

The purpose of this internship/employment is to create a central computer engineering department as part of Tryon Media in Duluth, instead of outsourcing our coding projects (to other countries.)

Immediately or as soon as possible, guaranteed full time internship/employment for two months with the potential for a longer lasting internship (up to one year)/employment.

Markus A.F. Muller,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CS Colloquium - Mounika Alla

 An Interactive Java Program for Creating Regular Repeating Hyperbolic Patterns 

Mounika Alla

Computer Science Graduate Student

Plan B Project Report

Wednesday, June 3, 2015
2:00 pm

HH 306


Repeating patterns in art is the repetition of lines, shapes, colors and forms. A popular Dutch artist named M.C. Escher created repeated patterns by hand which was very tedious and time consuming process. Later algorithms were developed to solve this problem and different programs exist to generate the repeating patterns in less time. The proposed work is an extension of an existing work for generating regular repeated hyperbolic patterns developed by Maneesha Vejendla in java. The Java program accepts a data file which has all the information for creating patterns or it allows the users to create a new data file. It then applies the algorithm on the data and displays the output on the interface. The user will be able to modify the pattern at a later stage. The output will also be saved as a post script file. The main objective of this project is to extend the capabilities of the java program to provide better usability for users. Previous work requires the users must know the exact Poincare coordinates to draw different shapes. But the current work allows the users to specify the coordinates just with a single mouse click. It also checks the error conditions when drawing different shapes such as circles, polygons. It also supports different colors for drawing the shapes which is very useful when creating a new data file.